It's been a COLD week, though we have escaped the snow unlike other parts of the country.  However, we do have the wind as you can see the way my hair is all messed up!

Then, back up in the yard, a nice person had put a piece of apple beside my pile of hay for me to finish - except that one of the hens appeared like lightning from out of nowhere, grabbed the apple and ran off.  Even my owner was too slow to capture the evidence on film,
 Eating hay is thirsty work and I had to prepare for the next part of the morning
 My owner's friend was using me as a lead horse while her daughter was just behind on Tom
 Now, I don't mind him, though he's not one of my best friends.  He gets a bit full of himself - thinks he is bigger than he is.  You can see I'm keeping an eye on him here in case he tries to overtake me!  He's got his grumpy face on because I am ahead of him.
 But I had to be on my best behaviour because of his little rider on board.

 We're off down the pony track, following Teja and Fergus, who is giving a lead ride to Tom's rider's sister.
 I was a very good boy (as always) and everyone had a good time
Even though they all got very cold by the time we got back.


  1. What a clever pony you are Major and handsome too! I'm sure that beautiful mane is keeping you nice and warm.

  2. You are all grey, all four of you! Hey, I like your new hoofwriting. Have you been having lessons?

  3. Thought I ought to keep up with the times!


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