Well, my fitness regime continues but I was a bit affronted when out with my owner on Saturday.  She had decided that she walk me out in hand, but with the aim that I had to 'track up' all the way, rather than just meander along as we usually do, enjoying the scenery.    I was doing my best to oblige, even though it meant no crafty snatches at the grass.  My owner kept telling me how pleased she was because not only was I walking alongside her on a loose rope, but I was also carrying myself very well too.

We then saw a lady in the distance with a bouncing labrador.  As we drew nearer the lady said, 'I used to have a grey Highland.  Is your one (referring to me) very old?'  Well, what a cheek!  As far as I'm concerned I am still in my prime!

Anyway, here are just a couple of photos from today, crossing the river and into the woods.

 See you all again next weekend!


  1. Old.... how rude! Wise, handsome and adorable - yes!

  2. Heck! Just cos you're grey doesn't mean you are old. Darned cheek!


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