My owner arrived in the yard on Friday to announce that she has two weeks off work for Easter.  This means only one thing - more work for me!

 Yes, I was right.  After an hour of getting me ready we went out with Tansy and Harry.
 The owners chose to ride round the edge of the village.  This has its pros and cons.  Pros - it is flat.  Cons - lots of tracks to trot on.
 Now, if we turn right at this tree, it means we take the shorter route home. . . .
 I might have guessed - we turned left.  Pity we're not allowed into this field as there would be more opportunity to snatch a snack.
 Just had to be content looking at it and doing some wishful thinking.
 We were all getting thirsty after the trotting.  Tansy was first to make use of the usual watering hole.
 Harry joined her at the bar further up the track
 Then it was my turn.  It was a bit muddy, but we couldn't be choosy as that was all there was and it was still a way to go before we were home.
 Tansy is about to pass one of the oldest trees in the village
 Here's a closer look at its trunk
 The owners were waxing lyrical about what a beautiful day it was with the sun shining.  Tansy, Harry and I were just hoping we'd do no more detours before lunch! 
Well, that was Friday's ride.  Today, my owner tagged along at the back of a school ride.  The route this time was the moor.  Pros - lots of heather and reeds to eat on the hoof.  Cons - it's all uphill to get to it.
 The two girls were very young but they were very good riders and we had lots of canters.
 I'm hanging on to my winter woollies so I was quite sweaty once we reached the moor.  My owner was keen for me to keep walking as the heather is wonderful to roll in to cool down.
 We walked all the way home though so it was okay.
Time for a bit of monster spotting but have never seen her yet.  I'm having a rest day tomorrow but no doubt it will be back to work on Thursday.


  1. Looks like a lovely ride!! Two whole weeks of riding sounds divine, hope the weather holds for you and your human :-)

  2. Major's not sure that he would use 'divine' to describe two weeks of riding!!

  3. I think Nessie ducks under water when folk/horses/boats are about Major. Hee hee

    What a lovely ride you have been on. X


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