My owner's youngest daughter is home for the week.  Normally, she's not that bothered about riding me but today she was persuaded to take me out.  Through the sheep field where all the expectant mothers are waiting - no lambs as yet.
 Along the track to the moor.  Yes, that means another long climb - oh joy!
 Sit up straight please!  How would you like to carry a leaning sack of potatoes up a hill - sigh
 A different route today.  This time the long circular route to the viewpoint.
 Stopping for a photoshoot was a BIG mistake - he he - once my head goes down there is no getting it up again
 I spent the next 20 minutes hoovering the ground.  My owner was not pleased. . . . . .
 Off the moor and onto the boundary.  Nothing to eat along the way here.
 Looking slim in this photo.  458kg on the weigh tape.  Owner very pleased this morning.
 Coming out of the forest tracks -owner's daughter is still leaning to the right and beginning to complain that her bum was getting sore (what a cheek!!)
 At last, we're going downhill
 I'm a bit hot and sweaty after all that climbing.  Also, it was very warm today.  I think I'll have to make a big effort to lose some of my coat.  It tends to go curly when it's damp!
 Down, down, down
and onto the long track that leads to home.  Only another week of my owner's holiday, then I can get back to normal again!

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  1. Aw, that looks fantastic, Major. You have a beautiful home. Love your mane too!


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