Oh no, not that ball again!  Do you know, my owner is just so predictable.  Every holiday that she has, I can guarantee that at some point that ball will make an appearance.
 Even more humiliating is the fact that Harry positively enjoys playing with it
 He likes a game of football, kicking it round the field.
 But I am a little more cautious.  I do not trust big green balls that seem to have a mind of their own
 I will give it a sniff but there is no way I am going to lay a hoof on it.
 My owner then had another ridiculous idea of me following Harry and his owner to the top of the hill, then we would both canter down with our manes blowing in the wind for the photo.  I preferred to stop and eat the non-existent grass.
 Too late, Harry's owner realised I wasn't following and came back to chivvy me on.  Harry watched smirking.
 Now it's my turn to smirk as I watched him being 'coaxed' down the hill.   Hardly the stuff of hair shampoo photos is it!
 But the owners did not give up, so up we went again
 This time I got a move on but I took the easiest way down along the fence line
 Do they think I'm stupid?
 My owner trudged up.  Told me not to be a Diva and sent me packing after Harry and his owner who had already reached the bottom.  However, all she got was the back view this time!
In the end, there was no wind anyway, so she just had to make do with this shot after all.


  1. Humans are the strangest creatures... football for horses??! We have to say you're much better looking than any premier league football we've ever seen ;-)

  2. Muleteers - But his hair is similar to Robbie Savage!

  3. I wasnt sure about this, it all looked kinda odd! My owner doesnt have green balls, in fact I dont think he has ever thought of that sort of thing. He did have a Carrot stick, waved it about a while, then gave up. He`s so predictable, but nice! Gracie.

  4. Lol funny. Major have you seen the little Shetland pony, who is Scottish by the way doing the dance for the tv Advert? I think you could have done that, I know you are not a Shetland but I am pretty sure you could have danced like him. X

  5. Major says 'No problems, Ann!'


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