Hal was supposed to be joining me for a ride today but his owner thinks he may have an abcess so he has his hoof all bound up in a poultice.  He didn't look too bad to me.  I think he's pretendig to be lame so he can get out of work.  Should have thought of that myself - will remember it for future.
 It didn't deter my owner.  She gave me a good brush, then put on my tack.  No getting out of it this time.
 At last the daffodils are beginning to make an appearance.  Wish the grass would do the same!
 I suggested to my owner that she might like to stop and watch the jumping lesson instead but she wasn't interested and made me walk on.
 It was quite chilly when we set out but as soon as we started to climb, the sun came out and I started to get hot, even though a fair bit of my hair was back on the stable floor.
 The high banks were quite temptng to try and snatch a quick bite but my owner was in a 'no nonsense' mood so I didn't get chance.  Must be all the pilates she's doing.
 When we got up to the boundary we could hear a lamb bleating but couldn't see anything.  Then my owner noticed a sheep behind a whin bush.  She must have got left behind a few weeks ago when the farmer had come to round them all up and now had got a lamb.
My owner stopped to look at the view for a little while.  Apparently I had been a very good boy because I had managed all the gates by myself.  I shall just bask a while in the warm glow of the compliments!  See you all next week!


  1. And so you should! I think perhaps the weather might turn, and your grass will come!

  2. Ah what a beautiful view! Lovely :-)


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