Well, first of all let's make one thing clear.  This fitness regime is going too far.  Seems my owner is only putting in about 25% to my 75%.  Today, I was entered in my first ever Le Trec competition and she wasn't even riding me!!  Her excuse is that she's going to Pilates every week.  Big deal.  I'm having to work much harder than that!

There were 4 of us in the team.  I didn't know one of the horses but he was obviously super fit and very experienced, so of course, he set the pace for the rest of us.  Here I am at the back determined to keep up for the 8km course.  I managed to finish in the time allowed (under hour and half) even though there were many hills involved.  However, it got worse.  We came back into the yard and I thought, 'Great - back in time for lunch.  But no, we went straight down to the outdoor school for more stuff!

 Apparently, I messed up big time in the first part.  I was supposed to do a very slow controlled canter around the edge but I saw my owner at the side and I decided to cut across the middle of the school to say hello!
 This time Jillian was ready for me.  I had to walk briskly between the things on the ground without treading on them.
This was easy for me - I could do it with my eyes shut

 Then we had to wait for each member of the team to do the obstacle course.
 Here I am, lined up at the start.  The whole course has to be done in 4 minutes.  Why is everyone in such a hurry nowadays?
 I was feeling quite thirsty at this point so I didn't see why I couldn't stop at the tarpaulin and drink the water that had collected on top.  Apparently, this was not the done thing, so I was made to move on very quickly.
 Then I wanted to make sure that this flimsy little bridge could take our weight.  Having just carried Jillian around for 90 minutes, I wasn't so sure (hehehe)
 No problems - my owner has been watching my waistline all winter so I knew it could hold me!
 We decided to pick up speed here but my back hoof came over the line.  I was hoping the judge wouldn't notice but she was very eagle eyed.
 Now wait a minute, I don't do jumping. . . . . .oh , too late.  Quite gracefully done though!
 I thought Jillian was being very considerate here. I assumed she'd got off to give me a rest and even hold me up - but she was only putting my stirrups over before going on to the next obstacle.
 Now this is the sort of obstacle I like.  Standing still.  I was quite tempted to lie down (that's what I usually do when my owner brings me in here) but instinct told me that todat this would not be appreciated.
 Wasn't so good at this one.  In training, I've done this ridden with no problems but today my hooves were all over the place.  Of course, I blame Jillian. . . . . . .
 No, I am not going to the mounting block.  As far as I'm concerned, we've finished.
Someone please come and wake up my rider.  She appears to have nodded off. I knew we should have quit while we were ahead.!


  1. Aw you were great Major! Didnt bat an eyelid

  2. Ah yes! This brings back memories! 2007! Oatridge college, scottish trec champs, before the bhs messed it all up! I came 10th in L3. Gracies first attempt! We messed up on the slow canter too! Well done to you!

  3. Thanks, Lemon Pear

    Cheyenne, I can take no credit. I'm too much of a coward to compete!

  4. Oh Major you made us laugh as I read this out to hubby ...... sorry x
    You thought Jillian was going to hold you up lol ......funny..... Sorry I didn't mean to laugh at you but you are funny........ Well done you though x


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