I knew something was in the air yesterday when I was given a bath - my owner NEVER baths me!
 Then today she arrived and stuck these lilies behind my ear.  I wondered if I was going to a wedding, just like Dylan last week but then everything seemed normal as my owner got on board as if we were just going for an ordinary ride.
 What a lot of fuss for nothing, I thought, although I did think it was strange because I was accompanied by the yard owner and his family on their horses as we rode through the village.
 When we got to the far field on the other side, there was a large banner and a mounting block!  My owner got off and I was lined up beside the block for someone else to ride me instead.  It was Neva MacDonald Haig who was doing a sponsored ride for the H.E.A.R.T charity at the grand age of 90.  Here is a photo of four generations of the MacDonald Haig family.
 My owner thinks I look particularly handsome in this one!  I have to agree with her.
 Anyway, we set off to climb to Queen Mary's Rock.  Neva seemed to be enjoying herself.
 Up and up and up!
 I was walking out very well.
 When we finally got to the top of the Rock, we had a little break and I took the opportunity to have a snack.
 Then it was time for more photos to prove that Neva had done it.
 It's a very long way down!
 The final pose before heading for home.
 It was decided that Neva should get off before the descent - even though she wanted to stay on board!  The landrover was waiting to take her back.  My owner got back on to ride me home.  She said she would love to be riding when she is 90!  Well, that will be in thirty years time so that would make me 44.  Watch this space, everyone - you never know what's round the corner!


  1. No you never know! Your owner and I have something in common! The big 60!!

  2. Cheyenne - They say that 60 is the new 40!

  3. You are looking AMAZING, I hope I look that good after a bath xxx

  4. What a wonderful adventure. Well done for looking after such a special rider... and looking so handsome in the process :-)

  5. Thank you Daily Dales, although he hopes the bath is not going to be a regular part of his routine from now on!

    Muley - you are too kind!


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